How To Install Magnaclean

Magnaclean has been used in many households for quite some time, and the reasons are fairly simple as to why it’s so popular. It can help make sure that your heating system does not suffer in any way and guarantees that you will keep a high level of efficiency throughout your home. Installing Magnaclean isn’t as easy as it might say on the tin, though, and requires a little bit of messing around making sure that you install it just right and don’t put yourself under any undue pressure.

If you aren’t sure about what you are doing, then getting in touch with an expert who can give you professional assistance should be on your list of priorities. Don’t take any risks with trying to install Magnaclean yourself. These instructions below should make it easy enough for you, but if something is unclear don’t just assume or attempt it yourself – get in touch with a professional instead.


1. Begin by starting a drain on your central heating, as well as your expansion tank and your plug-off feeds. Let the system’s pressure be totally released. Now, start making markings on sections. You will make a 110mm section for a 22mm unit, and a 195mm section for a 28mm unit. This is fairly simple to do, and again look for professional help if you need it.

2. This is super important – make sure that you always leave a gap of around 250mm between the bottom of the central heating system and the top of the Magnaclean canister. This will make it much easier for taking off and cleaning out for servicing down the line.

3. Using cutters, remove the pipework section that you need to add in your Magnaclean system. This should be fairly easy to spot where it should be, but it’s impossible to say directly as every system is different.

4. Start to prepare your piping & fittings, and lubricate up the olives and then start to include the valves onto the pipe. Once the valves are attached properly, use your hands and tighten the fittings to a point where they won’t move.

5. Start to include the MagnaClean canister onto the valves below, and tighten up your compression fittings. Don’t go too tight, though, as it can start to hurt the efficiency starting immediately.

6. Loosen the valve nuts, and add on the rubber washers that you got with your MagnaClean. Next, tighten up the valve until its tight but not tight enough to restrict operations.

7. Turn your heating system back on and run the system to look for any mistakes or problems along the way.

Again, if you have any problems whatsoever fitting your MagnaClean system then your best bet is to contact a plumbing professional in your area for more details on how it can be completed perfectly for your own system.